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Track your baby's development, receive feeding updates automatically and make capsule replenishment easy.

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Smart Services

Smart Services

Track Feedings, Replenish Capsules And Connect With BabyNes Nutritionists

MyBabyNes connects your Wi-Fi-enabled Machine, your online dashboard and provides 24/7 access to registered dieticians, so you have information, insight and support to track and manage your baby’s growth and nutrition.

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Wi-Fi + Dashboard + Nutritionist = MyBabyNes

BabyNes services are designed to be as advanced as the BabyNes Machine and formulas. After all, we created them all to help you nourish a brilliant future for your baby. Your machine sends information automatically to your MyBabyNes dashboard, which also provides live access to advice and insight from our nutrition experts. When you are out and about, your dashboard comes too, with the MyBabyNes App for your smartphone.

Wi-Fi + Dashboard + Nutritionist = MyBabyNes
Track your baby’s nutrition

Track your baby’s nutrition

Your dashboard updates automatically from your BabyNes machine. It also lets you enter other feedings manually, and includes a built-in counter to track breast-feeding.

Follow baby’s growth curve

Follow baby’s growth curve

Track your baby's weight and growth milestones – and add photos and notes for yourself, or to share with friends on her timeline.

Never miss a feeding

Receive Alerts and Never Miss a Feeding

Your BabyNes Machine syncs with your smartphone to provide feeding notifications. So you'll know when a bottle is prepared, even when you're away from your baby.

Never run out of capsules

Never Run Out of Capsules

Automatic alerts from your Wi-Fi enabled machine let you know when you are running low on capsules and allow you to place your order with a few clicks or make life really simple by setting up 1-click replenishment.

Wi-Fi Tracking and Ordering Options

Create your account Access your dashboard on your smartphone.

Talk to a BabyNes Nutrition Expert

Receive personalized nutritional guidance on your baby's diet, feeding, and growth, available 24/7 at 1 855 8 036 036

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