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Breast Milk Overview

Breast Milk

The Best Start to Life

Breastfeeding is the optimal way to nourish an infant. Breast milk is uniquely comprised of nutrients and biologically active components that matches your baby's needs, help to protect from infections, may reduce risk of developing early food allergies.

The Benefits of Breast Milk

The Evolution of Breast Milk

Right from the start, breast milk contains the ideal proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients your new baby needs for balanced and complete nutrition. As your baby grows, breast milk’s composition is continually evolving to complement your baby’s ever-changing nutritional needs.
Gerber’s expertise in child nutrition, provides insight into the evolution of breast milk.

How Breast Milk Evolves
breastmilk evolution
The Process of Weaning

The Process of Weaning

As the best source of nutrition for your baby, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for 6 months and continued throughout time as foods are introduced. When you decide the time is right for adding bottle feedings or solid foods. We are here to help you make a smooth transition and meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs.

Making the transition