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2nd Month Formula

Non-GMO milked-based powder infant formula with iron

For infants from 1 to 2 months

During the second month, your baby is still growing rapidly, but not as fast as in his first month after birth. In concert, the protein and calorie content in breast milk gradually decreases over the course of the second month. BabyNes 2nd month formula, inspired by breast milk, is designed to give babies the nutrition they need at this stage.

It has:

  • Protein (2 g/100 kcal) and calories (65 kcal/100 ml). Inspired by the changes of protein level in breast milk.
  • 100% whey protein, partially hydrolyzed easy for baby tummies to digest
  • Lactose, the sugar that’s naturally present in breast milk
  • A lipid profile similar to breastmilk 
  • DHA and ARA, to support brain and eye development 
Nutrition information
BabyNes Second Month Capsule
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Capsule and Bottle Size

Makes approximately
5 fl. oz./150 ml

Feed your baby whenever he’s hungry, and let him drink as much as he wants.
Watch for signs that your baby is full, and don’t force him to finish a bottle. 


Protein and calories

During the 2nd month, your baby is still growing rapidly, but at a slower rate.  To help your baby continue to develop, the protein content in breast milk gradually decreases over the course of their second month. To reflect your baby’s changing needs, the protein content of BabyNes 2nd month formula is also adjusted compared to the 1st month formula. It provides the special diet that infants need during their second month when breast milk is not available, or as a supplement to breast milk.


Your baby’s stomach is small, meaning she can't eat large amounts in a single feeding. Lipids offer the highest calorie density, to provide the necessary energy for your baby’s growth. They account for more approximately half an infant’s dietary needs during the first few months of life. Inspired by breast milk, the formulas in the first three BabyNes capsules offer a unique combination of lipids at each stage.

Fatty Acids

The fats provided by breast milk cover your baby’s day-to-day requirements. They provide essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They also contain long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids known as DHA and ARA to help support brain and eye development.

Bifidus BL

Breast milk contains helpful bacteria,, notably bifidobacteria, that may play an important role in creating healthy intestinal flora for your baby. All BabyNes formulas (except for Soothe) have this "good" bifidobacteria as well, in the form of Bifidus BL to help support development of a healthy immune system.