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Start using the next generation of baby formula with our 90 day money back guarantee offer

We are parents too. We know feeding a baby can be unpredictable. If you start using BabyNes formula, you have the guarantee that if you decide to move on, you can return your machine and get your money back

So, if you decide to use BabyNes with your baby, you can return the machine for a full refund, for any reason, during the first 90 days after the first purchase of capsules.




Terms and conditions:
You have the right to return your machine purchased online from BabyNes.com within 90 days after receipt of the first capsule order. A return authorization needs to be obtained from BabyNes prior to returning the merchandise. We will only accept returns of merchandise in their original condition and packaging accompanied by the invoice.
When returns are properly completed, BabyNes shall reimburse the price of the machine and any unused, unopened capsule boxes with a maximum of 30 days upon reception of the returned merchandise with free return shipping. If you purchased a BabyNes machine from one of our retail partners, their return policies will govern the transaction.
For more details, contact us at 1 855 8 036 036